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Limu Lean Meal Replacement Shake


Maybe you're in a hurry. Maybe you're an athlete. Maybe you're trying to drop a few pounds. Maybe you're looking to beat that mid-morning craving. Or maybe you're all of the above. Whatever the case, the LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement shake has your needs covered. In each shake, you get ALL of the following:

A blend of six different protein sources to support a lean and trim bodyA proprietary mix of fast and slow proteins to help burn body fat while increasing lean tissuePure, Fucoidan-rich limu moui extract as a critical activator ingredient35% of the Daily Recommended Value for 20 essential vitamins and mineralsDelicious flavors that blend well with your favorite fresh and frozen fruitsEssential fatty acids necessary to help you burn body fat and satisfy your appetite225 calories of powerful, balanced nutrition

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